Smokey Bear Turns 75!

If you are like me you probably grew up with Smokey Bear, you remember learning about fire prevention and safe forest behavior in school. Well Smokey Bear is turning 75 years old this year and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has chosen Box of Balloons to celebrate! The WDNR was tasked with finding a way to celebrate Smokey while giving back to the community so together we have set a goal of celebrating 200 kids in need this year with birthday parties. Box of Balloons will supply the boxes, decorations, tableware, gifts and gift cards for cupcakes while the WDNR will provide party games, favors, eco-friendly balloons and Smokey Bear will be visiting as many of these birthday par

A Party Theme & Color Scheme

The theme and colors are the first things decided when I am getting ready to plan a party. My brain only thinks in themes and alliterations so most of my day, week, goals and work are all themed! Preparing for a party can be overwhelming and daunting but breaking it into smaller pieces and focusing on a few key elements helps. Once you choose a theme and color scheme all the other details can fall into place. Whether I am planning a birthday party, baby shower or a holiday themed get together I start with colors. For this "So Sweet" bridal shower I chose a honey bee theme with bright yellow and white color scheme. Using items I already have in my house is the best and helps keep the party bu

Birthdays By You

In every community across the country their are children in need, children who are homeless or perhaps living in a shelter, sick in a hospital or part of the foster care system. All of these children have one thing in common, they will have a birthday this year and deserve more than anything to be celebrated! These are the children we are serving here at Box of Balloons but we can't do it without you. One of our main goals here at Box of Balloons is to have a chapter in every state so children all around the country can be celebrated. We so badly desire to make each birthday happy and celebrate every single child who otherwise will not have a memorable celebration, a day of joy, love and hop

Volunteering Made Easy

The new year has started and perhaps you have "volunteer more" on your goals list. Well we here at Box of Balloons want to make volunteering and giving back to your community as easy as possible. Let's be realistic, we all set out with huge lofty goals but then life happens. Our daily schedule fills up, kids take priority, work demands increase or unexpected challenges arise and pretty soon volunteering has to be at the bottom of the list. We get it, and that's why we want to make it easy and doable for everyone! Ok here is how easy it is...simply sign up. Check out where we are located and choose the team closest to you. We don't need a ton of info and you don't need to have a background ch

100 Birthday Pledge Challenge

Happy New Year! We are so thrilled to have wrapped up 2018 successfully with over 700 kiddos in need being celebrated with a happy birthday. We gained many volunteers and supporters as well, so incredible. As we now look forward to this new year we are already getting started on one of our big goals, 100 Birthday Pledgers who raise at least $100! Our Pledge Your Birthday program is not new, it is actually one of the first things we started when Box of Balloons was born. It is a way for people, adults and children, to celebrate their own birthday by giving back to children in need. As a mom of three kiddos I am always looking for ways to teach them about giving, doing small things with great

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