5 Money-Saving Ideas as you Plan your Themed Birthday Party

Everyone has different budgets for birthday parties, but did you know that 26% of parents spend over $500 on a birthday party (according to a poll on BabyCenter.com)? When you’re planning a birthday party it can be so easy to spend that much if you’re buying your decorations, paying for a venue, ordering a cake, and buying gifts — not to mention the party favors! Here are five money-saving ideas that you can incorporate into your birthday party plan! Make your cake/cupcakes at home Consider your audience. Are your five year old guests going to admire the perfect cupcakes your local baker made? Probably not. Consider picking up some muffin tin liners, a box of cake mix and vanilla frosting at

Leadership Spotlight: Amanda Hirsch & Carrie Williams

Meet Amanda Hirsch and Carrie Williams - the Box of Balloons Chapter Leaders Supervisors! In addition to being our chapter leader supervisor — Amanda is the leader of the Monroe chapter. Carrie and Amanda work together to assist the chapter leaders by answering questions, brainstorming and helping to inspire new chapter leaders. As we spread to other states and form new chapters, Amanda and Carrie are there to foster growth in new communities. We have a quick interview with them so you can learn more about our leadership team! How (and why) did you get involved with Box of Balloons? Amanda: I am the Chapter Leader Supervisor for the Box of Balloons chapters across the country and also the Ch

3 Healthy (and Fun) Snacks for Kids

Does your child wrinkle his or her nose when you set a bowl of veggies or fruit on the table? Are you trying to a find healthy (or at least healthier) option when it comes to party snacks? Why not try a different presentation of your healthy foods! Each of these snacks only take minutes to prepare and you may already have some of the ingredients in your kitchen. Even better — involve your kids in the creation process! Apricot and Pretzel Fish Dried apricots Pretzels Cream cheese Mini chocolate chips Slice one of the edges of the apricot and insert the pretzel (see photo). Pinch the apricot around the pretzel so the pretzel is secure inside the apricot. Use a tiny bit of cream cheese to secu

Leadership Spotlight: Sarah Wells

Meet our Development Director, Sarah Wells! Sarah spends her time with BOB orchestrating sponsorships and grants, running our Pledge Your Birthday program, and organizing #GivingTuesday efforts. We have a quick interview with her so you can learn more about our leadership team! How (and why) did you get involved with Box of Balloons? I became a volunteer with Box of Balloons 3 years ago, as a way to introduce my then 4 year old and 1 year old to charitable giving. My girls are party planners and love all things birthday, so I thought Box of Balloons was the perfect fit for us. We love the mission and have enjoyed working together to make birthdays happy for others. I was blessed to have fami

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