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Virtual Story Time

As sad as we are here at Box of Balloons to have our in person events postponed we are so thankful for the ways we can connect with you virtually! One of those ways is through Virtual Story Time. If you are like me you are at home juggling work, virtual learning, constant meal prep, trying to keep the house in tact and maybe a little sleep if you are lucky. So I set up a reading nook, my kiddos gathered all their favorite stuffed animals and we scheduled a time for kiddos to listen to the Box of Balloons children's book giving parents a few minutes to breathe.

The Box of Balloons children's book was written as a way to spread awareness for our mission and teach children everywhere a lesson on kindness. The entire idea of Box of Balloons was inspired by children and the joy they get from a themed birthday party. Box of Balloons, the book, was a passion project by me (Nicole- founder of Box of Balloons) in collaboration with illustrator Julie Wells. Orange Hat Publishing took a chance on us and published the book for all to read!

For Virtual Story Time we set up our reading nook and gathered kiddos virtually to follow along with the reading. After the story a book quiz was posted as a fun activity with all participated being entered into a giveaway for an Amazon gift card. We had lots of fun connecting virtually and several kiddos had really great questions about the book and writing process.

If you haven't purchased your copy of the Box of Balloons book you can do so today! All proceeds from each purchase go to the organization so we can celebrate more children in need. Stay tuned for more Virtual Story Time dates as well!

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