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How TO Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved here at Box of Balloons! We truly believe that everyone at any age can make a difference and give back to their community which is why we have created a variety of ways for you to join in making birthdays happy for children in need.

One of the most common ways people get involved with Box of Balloons is to join a local team. We currently have chapters in 15 states and can't wait to be in all 50! Each of these chapters are volunteer led and rely on volunteers to donate party supplies for the birthday boxes. Once our chapter leader receives a birthday box request they email their volunteer team and then you as a volunteer can decide if you want to help with that particular birthday box. Perhaps you can donate the cupcakes and candles or you are crafty and can make a birthday banner, maybe you have the perfectly themed tableware you already picked up on clearance. It is easy, it is low time commitment but it makes a HUGE difference. Mandy recently joined our Indianapolis volunteer team and we can't wait to have you join a local chapter. Click HERE to join a team, if you don't see a chapter in your state or city consider starting one!

Another way to make a birthday happy for a child in need is to Pledge Your Birthday (or your child's). I personally love celebrating my birthday, yes even as an adult, but I feel awkward if my family or friends buy me gifts, I would much rather they make a donation to Box of Balloons in my honor! For my kiddo's birthday it is the same thing, we of course celebrate them with themed parties but they already have so many toys and goodies so we pledge their birthday and either collect supplies that can be used in birthday boxes or we collect monetary donations. This little cutie, McKay, pledged her birthday and collected all these supplies we can use for a child in need!

Each birthday box we give filled with all the necessary supplies to throw a child in need a birthday celebrations costs about $100. From the balloons, to party games, to cupcakes and a gift it all comes out to total $100. For many of us sometimes it is just easier or more desirable to make a monetary donation instead of going to the store to purchase items. By donating $100 to Box of Balloons you can ensure a child in need, a child living in a homeless shelter, domestic abuse shelter, perhaps the foster care system or a child battling an illness will be celebrated! We have just made giving even easier with a new TEXT TO GIVE system. It is so easy and convenient! Give it a try today by texting BIRTHDAY to 345345.

So how will you get involved? Join a team, pledge your birthday or donate today to help us make sure every child is celebrated and each birthday is happy! A birthday party is so much more than balloons and cake, it is a day of joy, love and hope for a family in need. It provides a child with confidence, self-esteem and happiness!

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