Merry Grinchmas!

Here at Box of Balloons we not only love celebrating birthdays and have themed birthday parties but we also love having seasonal, festive parties too. Each December I throw a themed holiday party for my kiddos, family and friends. Choosing a theme is step 1 when I am planning a party and I always try to include my kids in on the decision. We recently saw the new Grinch movie with friends so when asked what kind of Christmas party they wanted this year they all excitedly yelled, "A Grinch Party"!

Once a theme is chosen I pick party colors so I can focus and decide what kind of decorations we need. For this Grinch Party we went with green and red, the obvious choice but it was a must! I love balloons, no surprise, and have been inspired this year my SugarSmith to create big balloon garlands for all of our parties. Once I purchased an electric balloon pump my life was changed and balloon garlands became even more fun to create! I blow up all the balloons, generally between 30 and 40 depending on the size of garland I want or the amount of time I have. Then I use a large sewing needle and either fishing line or thin twine and string the balloons on together. I attach the long garland to the wall using push pins and string but you would use command hooks too.