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Birthday Kits

For years people have asked us, "when are you going to sell your birthday boxes". It was an idea we had from the beginning, what if we could sell our birthday boxes to fund the nonprofit. A one-for-one model, you purchase a birthday box and in return are giving one to a child in need. You can celebrate your child with a Pinterest-y themed birthday party while changing the life of a family in need, giving them the hope, joy and love they need to keep going.

We are so thrilled to share that this idea has finally made its way to reality and Birthday Kits are launching next week! The Birthday Kit is a hand-curated party in a box that is currently available in 4 themes that will ship directly to your door so you can throw a magical party for your child. Each purchase gives a birthday celebration to a child in need. Celebrate your child while changing the life of another. We are hosting two launch parties next week, one in Madison, WI and a virtual one for all of our supporters across the country.

At the Launch Parties we will be unveiling the four party themes, the contents of each kit and have some fun giveaways as well. We have designed these kits to ease the party planning process for busy parents, everything you need to host 6 guests will be in the kit along with a DIY activity to keep them entertained. The activity then transforms into their party favor as you can put the finished product into pretty bags for the kids to take home. Along with the DIY activities comes instruction cards and all the supplies you will need so there are no extra trips to the store or guessing what to do.

Stay tuned for more details as the Birthday Kit launches and goes into production. Are hope is to release new themes a few times each year to stay on trend with kid's interest and the needs of their celebration loving parents!


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